Friday, September 11, 2009


...anyone? Machiko has been concocting hand-sewn Felt Food for almost two years, currently sold at her Etsy store, GoBuggy! Originally from Japan, Machiko started making these delectable creations for her daughter - but now they're primarily sewn and sold as decorative objects. Her menu stands out for its dominant Japanese flavor... ginger root, onigiri, edamame, gyoza, even eggs! Kawa-i-neh.
I think they're life-size too!

Machiko on her creations,

“When I am out, I try to make that time for observation. It can be from what baby toys to what people eat, and sometimes the idea can form months later. The environment is something no one can ignore and I think my work develops accordingly. I think about the food I grew up with or foods that have great aesthetics (in my mind). I try to take the essence of what that food is and try to make it simple, but well made. I draw out few templates for some. My choice of material is felt and fleece. I like the colors and hand sewing makes shapes easy to shape. To me, fabric definitely brings warmth and somehow humor. Maybe, that notion is from felt and fleece having a long history of stuffed toys that are geared towards children.”

+ Machiko's Etsy Store
+ Wayne White


frances said...


frances said...

really nice, this is a lot of work to make! I Love working with felt!

Phil Han said...

Caca I knew you'd like very you! Thanks for leaving comments :)

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