Sunday, May 31, 2009

POSTER SITE TOO : International Posters, me likey!

I know I know, yet another poster site?! I swear this is THE ONE. I'll admit, the price range is a wee bit 'museum' for me but the work of these artists is worth looking at, if not for pure inspiration. To be honest, if its poster art you are looking for, try eBay. I bought a Peter Saville original for New Order's Technique, for a steal!
Back to this post. 7 years ago, I discovered International Posters quite by chance while trying to find a method of filling my carefully painted walls at my Sweetzer home, with imagery and texture. I never did grace my walls with their fine art but ended up painting on 2 canvasses, myself. (That's another post!)
They do have quite a collection but I believe their numbers have dwindled over the years. For example, the "Swissair - Phillippines" poster you see above was part of a large series that was viewable on their site. Now it's just 3 'other cities' remaining. Here's a list of the types of posters they carry in their catalog.

They also have a gallery I believe, in Boston, MA. So check them out when you are in beantown and do drop us a post here at THE DIRTYBLOG to share with us your experience or your buys.


monirom said...

Love these guys too Philip. Too may options, not enough walls. Good thing the pocket book keeps me in check.

Phil Han said...

Ha! Tell me about it. Personally I've kept my collection to Peter Saville pieces. I love his work.

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