Thursday, June 18, 2009

TV : Rex pilot exposed

IF YOU ARE WONDERING ABOUT SIMON REX AND 'THE CONTROVERSY', look no further. Lifetime's "Lovespring International" creator, Guy Shalem has finally laid rumors to rest and exposes Simon and his controversy, in a very funny TV pilot, REX. Paris Hilton, Lance Bass and actress Jaime Pressly share the screen with Simon as he tries to piece together his career, and hopefully revives it!
Ryan Brockington of The NY Post encourages us to "Give the full 23-minute pilot a watch after the jump, and then call Showtime and tell them to get on the ball!"
We agree because we think it's pretty funny. Ah what MTV VJs may become...

Here's the trailer and the log in info for the full pilot episode on vimeo (oh BTW the password is: masturbation). Nice!


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