Thursday, October 8, 2009


4 kids in the backseat, with an age difference of 10 years between the oldest, my sister Patricia and me, the youngest, shoving, squirming, disagreeing while Mom and Dad, tried to navigate and discipline us at the same time. Maybe the reason why my Dad bought a new car so often was because we were getting bigger and louder. I can't remember when was that last time my whole family, all 6 of us were in Dad's car, or what year, make or model that vehicle was but here are the ones I remembered:

'67 or '69 Volvo (Red)
This is my first memory of riding in a car. As a kid, I thought it was the biggest I'd ever seen. I loved riding in it especially on road trips to Malaysia we would take every year during the school holidays. Being a Volvo of course, it would breakdown  consistently, oft times interrupting our windy journey through open, winding roads and rubber plantations as we headed north for resort towns like Port Dickson and Melaka, and even all the way to the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur (a 6 hour drive back in the 70's).

Of course, I was always front and center in the backseat, squeezed in between my parents, lapping up every new turn around a street corner, getting yelled at by my Dad to 'Sit back!' Little did I know the Volvo would be a sought after classic today. Definitely in the Top 3 of my Dad's cars.

BTW I really don't recall what the exact year/model it was but the pictures of the Volvos I found online were close.

(to be continued)
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DarinK said...

LOL! Great memories Phil! I guess life doesn't really change no matter where you are brought up... similar things are just human (or child) expereinces. Swap the car for an Impala SS or a T-Bird and you have my christmases heading up to Oakland to our great grandmother's with my brothers...

I have a buddy who is head of design in CA for Volvo. We had a great time last weekend discussing the auto industry and the latest Volvo iron...


Phil Han said...

Totally Darin. I thought you might like this post. Coming up - a Fiat (that broke down more often than the Volvo) plus a Toyota Carina! Watch for it.

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